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How to Plan your Wedding Catering?

Best Catering Services in Chennai

South Indian weddings have for long been ceremonious and traditional in nature. However, despite all the rituals and ceremonies that go on, it is the food that also plays a memorable role in ensuring the success of the wedding ceremony. Kasi Kannu Catering, one of the best catering service in Chennai, offers some tips based on our extensive experience. We are also among the top 3 caterers in Chennai.

How to Plan your Wedding Catering?

Tips on How to Plan on your Wedding Catering Services

Best Catering Services in Chennai

1) Plan on the Budget

Catering makes up a large portion of the wedding budget given the number of meals and courses. Hence, planning on the budget is extremely important. Also, the scale of the wedding, the timings and the number of guests invited will play a role.

2) Check with References

The best caterers have a long-standing tradition and strong following. When you check with references, you will definitely get a few leads whom you can check out. The list is safe since it is already filtered, and hence, this point is extremely important. Kasi Kannu catering has been in business for 2 generations, and we have emerged as a leading catering service in Chennai.

3) Undertake a Taste Testing

Having a preliminary test for the taste will save you heartburns or missed expectations on your big day. If the caterer is denying this point or appears unsure, you can always push for it. Having an idea of what will be served and its taste is vital. Whether it is a vegetarian fare or a non-vegetarian fare, having a test round is very important. After all, all guests must leave the venue happy…right?

4) Check the Service

Service is the mantra of hospitality. Always ask your caterer how many guests will be attended to per service staff. If the number exceeds 10 guests, you can as well wave the contractor goodbye! However, note that the numbers may vary in the case of a buffet.

5) Query for Additional Services

As a standard, caterers often package their services and offer additional services like mehandi, welcome drinks, entertainment options etc. These may be charged separately and are extra. Hence, an all-inclusive price list may need a breakdown, and you may not even need any or many of the additional services. Looking at the additional services will also give you an idea of something else you may need.

Overall, wedding catering is a wholesome operation, and you will need experienced caterers to ensure the success of your big day. Have some questions or queries, contact us now!

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