When choosing a wedding venue, 5 questions to ask on Premium wedding caterers

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When choosing a venue for any of your events or functions, catering may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, if you want your catering to be everything you’ve dreamed about, you need to verify a few key details. It's important that the venue you choose can accommodate all of your needs.

Although all leading caterers can work around almost any conditions or circumstances, you can make it easier on everyone if you make sure that your venue provides a few critical features.

When choosing a wedding venue, 5 questions to ask on Premium wedding caterers

Are you allowed to use your own catering company?

This is not mandatory as most of the venues allow you to have your own catering service but Some venues have their own catering arm or have an exclusive agreement with a local reception caterer. In that case, they may not allow you to use your own caterer. In other cases, they will let you do your own food but you must pay them an extra fee to do so.

Are you permitted to access to tables for catering purposes?

Some venues allow you to use the tables, chairs, etc. that they have in availability. Others allow their use but tack on an extra charge. Many venues, however, do not have these amenities available for your use, even for a fee. In that case, you may need to rent your equipment or, if you talk with the catering company, they may be able to provide a solution.

Will the venue allow for disposal of catering materials?

Not every venue allows you to use their trash or cans after clean-up. If your caterer must pack out the trash, this could affect their logistics and potentially the price of your food.

Can your catering service allowed to set up the place and stage?

Although it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, most catering companies need a suitable space to cook and set the table. The size of the space will vary depending on your menu and the number of guests you expect. However, if they need to hold food hot or cold place is available, the best catering services may have to transport their own warming ovens or even bring a refrigerated truck.

Will the venue allow your catering service to use the power?

All leading catering services will likely need power to ensure that your food is kept at the proper temperature until time to serve your guests. If you choose a venue that does not have a nearby power supply, you’ll have to check with the caterer about the possibility of using generators or other power sources.

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