What Are The Must-Have Catering Stuff For A Top South Indian Wedding?

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A wedding in India is just like a festival, whether it’s happening in India or any other country. Weddings, especially in India, are not single-day ceremonies but it’s full of events like the Sangeet event, Mehendi event, cocktail night, and many more.

Besides the entire pre-wedding, even the most important thing in an Indian wedding is food. Corporate catering services in Chennai plays a very crucial role in assisting the wedding ceremony with fallacious food arrangement.

If you talk about Indian weddings the first thing that pops out in every person's mind is ritual, and then comes the food. The caterer in Chennai assists the wedding by supplying various delicious dishes and recipes to enlighten the wedding ceremony.

What Are The Must-Have Catering Stuff For A Top South Indian Wedding?

If you are planning to arrange a wedding ceremony, then have a look at this blog. This blog will highlight the essential things in Indian wedding catering services. Let’s have a look at the menu of Indian wedding food provided by Premium Catering services in Chennai.

In Indian Wedding catering services in Chennai, various list of options are present that include the most popular Indian delicacies, as well as the other most popular worldwide cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, and many more.


In a wedding ceremony menu, especially in south India, starters are a must. The wedding menu comprises tasty starters in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Most commonly served starters and snacks would be counting almost all kinds of finger food.

The most commonly asked starter in an Indian wedding ceremony would be Paneer Tikka, Spring roll, Fish fingers, Chicken Manchurian, chili baby corn, cheese balls, and many more. Some mouth-watering chaats and panipuris are the best to have as a starter in any Indian wedding ceremony.

Main Course

The main course is the most important in any Indian wedding. It includes different types of loaves of bread and rice, such as biriyani, pulao, fried rice, Lachcha Paratha, Masala Kulcha, Tandoori roti, and many more. The non-vegetarian list is endless. You could have a different option in non-vegetarian from chicken, mutton, egg, or rice. You can contact Catering services near me to avail the most preferred items like mutton Do Piaza, Mutton Rogan Josh, Tandoori chicken, Keema mutter, Chicken chaap, and many more.

On the other hand, the Veg catering services in Chennai have a vegetarian fare that comprises Paneer Butter, Palak paneer, Dal makhani, Navratan korma, alu dam, paneer butter masala, and many more.


The last and most lovable item of the feast of any Indian wedding ceremony. In most of the corporate catering services in Chennai, there is an incredible blend of textures and flavors in the main course, which is followed by the much-awaited sweet. In a wedding ceremony, there is a diversity of delicious traditional desserts to choose from, like the Jalebis, Rabri, Laddoos, Gulab Jamuns, Barfis, and many more.

Crowd pleasers when it comes to Indian desserts like kheer. Premium Catering services in Chennai prepare the kheer by reducing the milk to optimum textures and looks, along with adding the spices like cardamom.

Once the mixtures become thick, fragrant rice is added to the boiling milk along with deep-fried cashew, nuts, almonds, and resins. In some versions, Gulab Jamun is topped on the kheer. After adding all the required spices, it is cooked together until it has a rich, thick, creamy texture.

Indian weddings differ to most extent from one part to another in the same nation. The dissimilar cultures that are specific to that certain state, and the religions, add an exclusive flavor to the wedding there.

If you are planning to marry in Indian style, then you must be aware of the Indian wedding catering menu. In this article, all the aspects of Indian wedding catering are mentioned; you can have a look and hire an Indian wedding Caterer in Chennai accordingly.

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