Various cuisines with different catering and serving Styles

We know that the food is the essence of every important occasion. It is very important to provide your guests with delicious food. We at Kasikannu catering world amaze our clients with amazing and the best Chennai caterers.

We offer extensive variety of cuisines and dishes which make us stand out from other catering services. We offer state-specific cuisines starting from North to South India. We have our own chefs in every cuisine. Thereby we maintain traditional taste of every cuisine.

Various cuisines with different catering and serving Styles

What’s special with us?

The guest will be provided with the menu and they can choose which dish they want based on the menu. Our servers will take the order from the guest and they will treat the guest with the amazing flavored food based on the guest preferences. By offering this style, we provide more convenient and hassle-free experience to the guest.

Buffet catering services:

It is similar to the self-service type. The menu will be chosen by the client at the time of contract. Based on the menu, the cuisines will be arranged in the food station. The guest can get their food as per their food choices. If the client suggests some other stations, then we will also provide that

The trending catering style in town:

This style is also noted to provide minimal waste of food and saves money. One of the advantages is that the food is prepared live and served. Therefore the guest can taste the food in a very fresh manner. It is one of the best-choice for stylish wedding or for a corporate party.

Based on the events we organize, we offer desert. Ending the occasion with the desert is always the best. Whatever maybe the occasion, the perfect desert will make the meal complete. Wedding cakes and some traditional delicacies are ideal for weddings. Not only wedding us also offers desert variety for other occasions too.

Attention to pandemic:

Not only because of these pandemics, have we always promised to provide catering services by considering hygiene as our utmost priority. We serve our cuisine in a decent plate (banana leaf, ceramic plates, etc.)that are based on our client preferences. We deliver catering services by following all the guidelines made by our government

Quality comes first!

We provide cuisine with premium quality as one of the measures. We always believe that purity, quality and hygiene is everything when it comes to the leading catering services

Customizable catering services in chennai

Our client can choose what they want for their occasion. We organize your occasion based on your needs. For e.g.: we can make it simple with minimum variety of food and also make it grandeur with a wider range. In any way, we promise that we provide them with excellence.

We cater for any number of people

Based on our client orders, we can provide our services by covering from small to large number of people. We have the resources which can diligently handle the occasions.

Our Food Presentation!

We always maintain our vessels and containers in a proper care and sanitized. Our presentation is rated as pleasant and feast to eyes by many of our clients. By considering this pandemic, we also offer platers (plates, spoons, etc.) covered with sanitized covers

Sustainable & Safe

We use eco-friendly products for serving which gives us the satisfaction of celebrating harmony with the environment. We always strive for safety and sustainability through our catering services in chennai.

Why Kasikannu catering world?

Excellence & discipline!

We always carefully monitor our workers to follow the standard operating procedures when it comes to safety, quality and hygiene. Our leading vegetarian catering services will offer the best catering services for people and for any type of occasion. The services are completely end-to-end and we provide the best catering services for the same.

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