8 Top-Notch Catering Menu Dishes and Ideas You Can’t Miss

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In India, a wedding is an occasion that is always held. Traditional ceremonies are always given significance, and importance is always provided to the food served. In south India, the tradition of serving the food to the guest on the same day of the wedding is the most popular.

All these arrangements were done in a sit-down meal arrangement in a hall that is just adjacent to the main wedding hall with the help of Catering services in Chennai.

Substandard event food can ruin the whole experience for most of the attendees.

8 Top-Notch Catering Menu Dishes and Ideas You Can’t Miss

There is a need to know the types of food that will appeal to a large number of people. This seems to be an impossible task. You may seek great catering ideas that are delicious and not ordinary, and for this, you need to seek help from corporate catering services in Chennai.

The 10 top-notch dishes which were served at a typical wedding are:

1. Payasam

This dish is the most popular in south India. It is a rice pudding made by boiling milk and sugar with the rice, along with some dried fruits, almonds, and cashew nuts. In some versions, rice is replaced with millet, wheat, or vermicelli. This dish is the primary dessert dish in most Tamil Nadu wedding menus and goes along with vadai.

2. Vadai

Premium catering services in Chennai add this dish to the menu list, which is a savory snack that is served hot. This dish is made from legumes like chickpea, green gram, and black gram. In this recipe, the legumes were ground to make a batter and shaped and deep fried. The shape and textures of vadai depend upon the type of vadai and the legume used to make it. It is stuffed with cumin seeds, onion, and curry leaves to add nutritive value and flavor. This recipe is served at the wedding as an accompaniment to payasam.

3. Appalam

It is a thin, crisp, roughly rounded flatbread. This recipe is made from rice flour dough and salted to taste. This recipe is hand-shaped and then deep-fried in oils to provide crispness.

4. Poriyal

Poriyal is the ultimate vegetable side dish for any meal one can have in Tamil Nadu. It is a dish consisting of fried or sauteed vegetables that are sliced up. During the cooking process, onions, chilies, mustard seeds, coriander, and turmeric are also added to the dish.

5. Aviyal

It is a vegetable mix that consists of carrots, sliced drumsticks, coconut oil, curry leaves, and pumpkin.

6. Thayir Saadam

Curd mixed with rice is popularly known as Thayir Saadam in Tamil Nadu. It is usually served as 3rd main dish after rasa. Poriyal, a pickle, is used to accompany this dish. Sometimes this dish is topped with pomegranate seeds or coriander leaves.

7. Veg Briyani

Wedding catering services in Chennai have also started preparing biryani for the wedding. It is a specially prepared rice dish with different layers that are mixed with different vegetables, seasonings. Raita, a kind of yogurt dressing, is done to pair it with biryani.

8. South indian filtered coffee

South Indian style coffee is made using ingredients like a coffee filter, sugar hot boiled milk, etc. All these are mixed and stirred. The mixing of the coffee with milk & the sugar between the stainless-steel tumbler and bowl forms froth at the top.

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