These Best 5 Catering Tips Chennai Will Aid to Stay Calm on Your Big Day

The first thing that you do after your engagement ceremony is to book a wedding hall in advance. Choosing a venue and a date will ensure all your activities and proposals for you. The second thing that you do to make your big day perfect is to hire a wedding planner and catering service.

In a wedding ceremony, the most important part is food, and you need to make big decisions about it. While it seems small, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of, and the best Catering services in Chennai can help you with that.

These Best 5 Catering Tips Chennai Will Aid to Stay Calm on Your Big Day

Set a catering budget

Your wedding budget is one of the important parameters of wedding planning. Since food covers a large section of the budget, you need to plan it accordingly and fix it beforehand. Consider how many people you have invited and how many will actually come to attend the function. After that, you need to consider the type of table service that you're planning.

Catering cost differs based on the food items, the number of guests, and the type of table. There can also be some additional charges, so be prepared for some extra expenditure.

Choose an ideal menu

Choosing a menu for your big day is an interesting part. It gives you a chance to share your favourite dishes with your family, friends, relatives, and your guests. Choose a menu that matches the theme of your wedding, the style of arrangement, your tradition, and your culture. Make sure to have items for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians separately.

Have a few types of cocktails, small cakes, and starters, as well as dessert items. Make sure that everything that comes under your proposed menu is within your budget.


No matter what you serve, the food should be warm and fresh, as nobody likes cold food. Make sure that you share a pre-planned schedule with your Premium catering services in Chennai. Whether you're planning a lunch or a dinner, everything depends on the reception time of the guests.

In this way, the caterer can serve food based on the pre-planned time. Your reception time also plays a major role here, as it decides the duration of time for which you have to entertain your guests.

For example, if you plan a lunch then you need to fix a reception time around 12 pm and serve them till 5 pm to 6 pm, till your party reaches home. However, if you plan a night party, then your reception time will be fixed around 7 pm or 8 pm; this will also reduce your catering costs.

Take help

Tej wedding day will be too busy for you to look after the entire event. The catering works need to be well organized and served till the guests are satisfied. Either you can hire a professional to monitor the entire event, or you can take the help of any trusted individual to look after that.

The dishes that are served, and the exact time at which servings start, the amount of food and drinks etc, should complement each other to make the guests happy.

The catering service will do everything perfectly, but to ensure that everything happens accordingly, keep someone in charge to take up the responsibility.

Food hygiene and presentation

When you are organizing a big day, food hygiene is something that you should take utmost care of. Make sure that the food is prepared in a tidy and clean place and that all the utensils are sterilized before their usage.

It will make food more hygienic and tastier. Focus on food quality and present them to the guests in a simple and decorated manner. It would help if you also made sure that the waiters of the Caterer in Chennai should serve food to the guests in a cheerful and humble way.

These are some essential tips to make your big day successful by laying emphasis on the guests of the big day party.

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