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Unlike most Indian weddings with their larger-than-life celebrations and parties, Hindu Brahmin weddings are a little austere in comparison. Hindu Brahmin weddings have a strong focus on the rituals of Hinduism, and pay greater attention to prayer and rituals, as opposed to the more relaxed Hindu weddings favoured by modern brides. Do not forget the mouth-watering, authentic feast you see in a Brahmin wedding.

Kasikannu Catering World Services is one of the famous Brahmin Caterers in Chennai which always stands with you to cater to your need. By understanding the Brahmin ceremonies, this trusted catering company presents high standard and purely Brahmin food prepared by the traditional Brahmin method.

The importance of pure, quality food and catering in a wedding

“You are what you eat” is the way Tamil Brahmins view cooking

Brahmin feast is based on the concept that food shapes the personality, mood and mind. A healthy vegetarian diet fosters serene qualities. In Brahmin household food is cooked with a great deal of attention to cleanliness; to the balancing of nutrition, flavour, texture and variety.

Some of the key dishes that you can find in any Brahmin household or weddings are plantain pith curry, potato roast curry, lady’s finger fry, onion vathal kuzhambu, Spring Onion sambar, small onion sambar, and karuveppilai (curry leaves) kuzhambu are most preferred gravy side dishes.

Greens are a great favourite in this community. Almost every day there would be some dish prepared with fresh green leaves. Some common dishes prepared with greens are Vendhaya keerai masala morkuzhambu, keerai kuzhambu recipe, keerai kootu recipe.

One thing in this community’s dishes is amazing that almost any dish can be substituted with any vegetable, fruit or grain and still made equally tasty with the assorted spices and flavours.

Therefore, adhering to the core values of the brahmin cuisine, we never compromise our services concerning trust, quality and reliability. Holding up to the reputation of being the Best Brahmin Catering Services in Chennai, we strive to retain the quality of our services with each and every order we take.

Why choose Kasikannu Wedding Catering Services for your Brahmin Wedding?

We only offer vegetarian catering service therefore you can trust us with the purity and quality of the food served. With delivering delicious authentic vegetarian cuisines coming straight from our family’s secret recipes, you will get food who’s after taste will linger in your guest’s mouth for a long time. The Best Brahmin Catering Services in Chennai with expert Brahmin cooks, this organization strictly follows the personalized rules and uses the fresh raw materials and advance cooking practice to surprise.

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