Sole Proprietor

Meet the visionary entrepreneur behind the outstanding success of Kasikannu Catering World - Mr. Selvakumar. With over 18 years of unparalleled experience, he has built the Kasikannu Catering World brand from scratch, in honor of his beloved mother, Mrs. Kasikannamal. His relentless dedication and hard work have made him a leading light in the catering industry.

Mr. Selvakumar's philosophy of "Our dear customers are our asset and our investment" drives the entire team at Kasikannu Catering World to provide a truly memorable experience at every touchpoint. His attention to detail and passion for excellence ensures that every customer is treated to a unique, unforgettable experience.

Hailing from Madurai, Mr. Selvakumar remains committed to sourcing only the freshest and finest quality ingredients, combined with old-fashioned traditional techniques, to deliver an exquisite taste that is second to none. Join us in celebrating Mr. Selvakumar's culinary journey and savor the sumptuous flavors of Kasikannu Catering World.

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