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A South Indian wedding is known for its enchanting rituals, culture, and tradition that is celebrated at every wedding party. One other thing that is celebrated is great food, as there is lots of food and lots of fun. This is the time even a family meets with their friends and guests to eat, drink and mingle to celebrate the occasion.

People love to celebrate special events with great food. For your special event, the Catering services near me have come up with a list of the best items for an Indian Wedding.


Starting with the welcome drinks, we can serve mint lemon fizz, jal jeera, Hawaiian blue, and different types of mocktails. There are a number of soup items if you want something hot, like tomato soup, hot and sour soup, sweet corn soup, and veg soup.

Set Simple Yet Amazing Catering Menu for Grand Celebration

Moving on to the salads, your wedding menu can have Kosumbari salad, raisin salad, carrot salad, green salad, corn salad, and even aloo and chana chaat.

The veg starters include corn tikka, paneer tikka, aloo tikka, Manchurian, veg cutlet, and veg kebab. The main part of non-veg starters is chicken Manchurian, chicken chili, peri peri chicken, mutton kebab, garlic prawn, tikka, and crispy items.

Main Course

The main course forms the major part of the meal, and some if the items that are dominant in the main course of Wedding catering services in Chennai are:

1. Polao

It is a typical item that is cooked with ghee and dry fruits to deliver a sweet taste. It is usually for those who prefer vegetarian food.

2. Korma

The korma is normally cooked with 8 different types of vegetables to give a mixed veg taste.

3. Dal

Dal is one of the most common ingredients in any wedding ceremony throughout the country.

4. Chicken/ Mutton Biryani

For people in Chennai, biryani is not a food but an emotion. Including either chicken or mutton biryani in the dish solves about half of the problems of food. Opt for South Indian biryani, with more pieces, eggs, and even a potato.

5. Chicken Rezala

It is one of the most favorite dishes that is preferred on almost all types of occasions. Chicken curry is cooked with a mix of poppy seeds, cashew and to get a tasty flavour.

6. Mutton Chaap

Mutton Chaap is a spicy item that has only the bone parts, especially the ribs, which are cooked on a low flame for better taste and flavour.

7. Prawn Curry

Cooked along with a mix of tomato paste and coconut milk, the prawn curry is an item that can gather a lot of people.


Whether you choose a Veg catering services in Chennai, there are a few items that are always a part of desserts, like the halwa. A typical Indian wedding is incomplete without this sweet. Being soft from the outside but having a rich taste of ghee, people will surely like to eat more and more of this item.

Next to halwa, is jalebi, which is gradually shifting its image from being a street food to an essential wedding item. You'll always see a lot of people around the jalebi corner, as there can't be anyone who doesn't like it.

Kulfi is another Indian dessert that looks creamy and frozen but is filled with milk. Adding a few flavours of kulfi, let your guests experience a piece of their childhood and eat kulfi.

While you can add other drinks to your menu, a lassi is something your guests will love. Lassi will, in fact, have a mixed taste of ice cream, yogurt, and other flavours.

These are some of the top and essential items that are usually included in a Wedding ceremony in Chennai. Suppose you wish to avail the best out of your big day, give us a call and make your day memorable.

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