In the post pandemic era, few things to keep an eye on when organizing corporate event

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As they say, “uncertain times lead to new behaviours,” top caterers in Chennai. Corporate event planning and food catering services have evolved to adapt to the new normal. We’re now more than two years and a half into the pandemic. One of the biggest casualties of the pandemic is “work-from-office.”

Even if employees return to the workplace permanently, it won’t be business as usual. Corporate lunch catering services will have to adapt to the new normal.

So how does one organize corporate events keeping all the safety measures in mind and at the same time not compromising on the quality of the food.

In the post pandemic era, few things to keep an eye on when organizing corporate event

A) Keep hygiene at forefront

Ensure that the top caterers you choose for your corporate event follows all government guidelines while preparing the food and serving them. Everyone in the industry from event suppliers to leading caterers in Chennai.

B) Discuss the source of ingredients

Talk with your caterers and discuss on the source of ingredients used. Ensure the ingredients are sourced of high quality and fresh ingredients from trusted local vendors. Food prepared and handled by staff who sanitize, wear hair net, face mask, face shields and gloves.

C) Innovative Catering Services

Food serving points are the biggest congestions at any event. To ensure social distancing while serving delicious food, party catering service providers have to rethink their services. They can organize for Individually packed meal boxes, disposable plates and cutleries. Since buffets are a little congestion, communal tables can be adapted.

D) Smaller numbers can also make a mark

Even if all lockdowns have been lifted and everyone has been vaccinated, event organisers and planners still are on the side of caution. They will work on keeping the number of attendees minimal. But smaller events don’t mean you have to restrict the number of attendees. It will give rise to curated networking. Using technology tools, event organisers will be able to assign delegates with similar interests/similar roles in a group.

E) Embrace the change and move ahead

We all know its not going to be the same again, yet we cannot give up on certain happiness we have enjoyed. But the pandemic has shown us that faster we adapt to the new changes, the better it is for us, both personally and professionally. Corporate events will no longer be the same.

Why Kasikannu catering services?

With the right event organisers and planners, your corporate events in the new normal can be better and more productive than ever before. It may feel challenging to organise a socially-distant corporate event while maintaining the best safety and hygienic practices.

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