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How to Plan for a Wedding in the Rainy Season

How to Plan for a Wedding in the Rainy Season

The rainy season has often been the source of inspiration for many a romantic novel. Having a wedding in the rainy season is no mean task however. This is not only because of the nitty-gritties involved in preparation and making everything a success, but also with getting all the guests on board. That said, rainy season is quite enjoyable, pleasant and also gives a sense of fulfilment to the wedding sentiment with freshness and new life all around..

Kasi Kannu as the best wedding caterer in Chennai delivers some tips and tricks on how to plan for a wedding in the rainy season in this blog.

How to Plan for a Wedding in the Rainy Season

Choice of Wedding Venue is Important

It is important to choose a good wedding venue. Obviously, while you can have outdoor photoshoots etc, one cannot go on to have an outdoor wedding without a proper canopy.

In case of an indoor venue, ensure that it is spacious, well-ventilated and airy. Avoid all dampness as it can not only affect the health but also cause mustiness. Wedding decorations must be properly secured and placed so that they do not fall down if it gets a little windy.

In case one is planning on an outdoor wedding, it will always be prudent to have a nearby indoor venue for the sake of any eventuality. Among the top 3 caterers in Chennai, Kasikannu can help you with proactive suggestions in this regard.

Wedding Menu and Wedding Catering

This is probably the most important part.

The wedding menu must feature some hot and tasty delights in all aspects right from snacks to the main course to desserts. For guests to feel at home, a sample will be hot chocolate, steamed foods like idlys and idiappams, snacks like momos, bajjis and vadas, hot galebis and gulab jamuns.

The wedding caterer must have many years of experience. The menu for a monsoon wedding must be light on the stomach yet filling. Further, periodic supply of hot tea, almond milk etc will not only keep the guests refreshed, but also give a sense of warmth and hospitality. Importantly, it is best not to serve raw salads.

Attire and Photography

Attire and photography is one of the key aspects of your big day. Since it is a monsoon wedding, choosing some bright colours, light weight fabrics etc will help. Even if a few drops of rain were to fall, the fabrics must withstand. It is always better to go in for jewellery that is pure gold and not for any artificial jewellery as they can cause rashes and skin allergies in the rainy season. Avoid heavy make up as it can easily get upset with a few drops of rain. Be your natural self.

The photographers must also be informed of the possibility of rain and they should confirm their ability to undertake work in these conditions. They must bring the right gear and ensure that all events get covered properly irrespective of the conditions inside or outside the venue.

Why Choose Kasikannu?

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