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How to Pick the Right Menu for a Summer Wedding in Chennai

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Weddings are a big day in anyone’s calendar. It is one where all the expectations are built up and finally the big day reveals itself to be bright and sunny. You would want everything right from the wedding menu to the dishes to your attire to be just perfect. But there is no need to lose sleep over anything. Kasi Kannu as the best wedding caterer in Chennai delivers some tips and tricks on menu selection in this blog.

How to Pick the Right Menu for a Summer Wedding in Chennai

Menus according to Season

The secret to a successful and talked-about wedding lies in the food that is served and the hospitality dished out. One must prepare the menu according to the season. Suppose one is having a theme-based wedding in a hill station, it will not be ideal to have heavy sweets and ghee-laden food. At such times, it is ideal to serve hot and steamy food and drinks. For a summer wedding, light and refreshing fares, fruit juices and milk shakes, lots of fresh vegetables will be ideal.

Plan the Course

It is important to plan what to give when. When planning with your preferred wedding caterer in Chennai, you should plan on a meal that is wholesome and caters to all age-groups. Fresh fruits and vegetables, mild flavours, cold desserts all combined with traditional fare will ensure that your guests have a meal that is filling, while also refreshing. As the best caterers in Chennai, experts from Kasikannu can help you in all key areas of planning the course and bring to your knowledge little-known traditional desserts and menu fare also.

Get Some Choices

A wedding involves people from all age groups. Hence, it is important to get some choice on food items, right from kids and youngsters to old people who may attend the wedding. After all, we want our guests to bless us and also leave with a sense of fulfilment when the wedding is over right? Any creative ideas can also be shared with the wedding caterer and this will help in bringing a creative twist to your wedding. Kasikannu, the best catering service in Chennai, has the ability to cater to any of your demands and we are well-known for our service delivery.

Share and Gain

Do not take up all the planning on yourself and burden yourself. It is your big day and everything needs to move with clockwork precision to keep things memorable. The best will be to involve some of your close friends, cousins or family members with whom you can openly talk your aspirations and ideas. Get their help in coordinating everything and thus ensure total success on your big day!

Why Choose Kasikannu?

Kasi Kannu catering is a leading catering service in Chennai and has been in business for over 2 generations. With a presence also in Madurai and other cities, Kasi Kannu brings rich insight and a refreshing approach when undertaking catering service for wedding. We have helped thousands of families with all things related to a wedding including menu selection, arrangements and much more!

Further, KasiKannu caters not only to weddings, but also to other social and corporate functions including but not limited to engagements, seemantham, get-togethers etc.

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