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Whether it is a small get-together or a big marriage event, the quality of the food and the way it is managed and served always remains a key standout point. And for the hosts to manage all of this along with attending to the guests becomes too cumbersome.

That’s when leading catering service providers come into the picture!

A catering service provider’s job, ranges from menu design and preparation, cuisine creation and presentation, plate and dinnerware rentals, arranging a pre-event, event, and clean-up crew staffing.

corporate catering providers in Chennai

Types of Catering Services:

1) Mobile/Delivery Caterers - As part of this service, the client just provides a pre-determined menu and caterers arrange the delivery of food to the provided location via food carts, delivery services, or food trucks. This is the least expensive service.

2) Hotel/Restaurant Caterers - The top industrial catering services provided by this type of caterer include menu design, menu preparations, table set-up, banquet arrangements, seats, decorations, and sourcing of staff. These act between kitchen staff and clients.

3) Private full-service catering - A private caterer needs to follow the client’s expectations in a standardized manner, as the success of an event mainly depends on the way the best catering services in Chennai plans and implements it. Their service starts right from food preparation, to decoration, to clean-up.

Innovations in Catering Services:

1) The involvement of delivery partners and platforms has made the availability of food for the customers easier.

2) Along with delivery partners, the collaboration of mobile devices to search for restaurants, see menu cards, book a table, or order food, has made the process hustle free.

3) Earlier, data like fridge temperature, cleaning schedule, etc., had to be maintained manually for the best catering services in Chennai. But now, such type of data can be stored on a mobile device, on the cloud, thus accessible anywhere and can even provide automated alerts. Thus, mobile apps and devices play a major role in food safety management.

4) Now orders can be taken on a PDA device via which servers provide the order on the fast electronic kitchen display systems. Hence, saving, waiting time and improving efficiency.

Pointers for selecting the best industrial caterers in Chennai:

1) Schedule a formal visit - Visit their facility and observe things like cleanliness, upkeep of the kitchen, employee behavior, garbage disposal, etc.

2) Online and telephonic punctuality - Monitor how actively they are resolving issues, via checking their punctuality in responding to phone calls and emails.

3) Online reviews - Check previous client feedback and make sure that they are carrying a license.

4) The layout of the order forms - A top catering service provider will maintain transparency on the order form and will have an interactively rich form.

Why Kasikannu caterers world?

Kasikannu Catering World is one of the best caterers in Chennai. We are one such leading catering service provider, present in Chennai, which passes on most of the above expectations. They have 20+ years of experience in the industry and have a squad of professional chefs. We are leading as the top industrial caterers in Chennai that involves the following steps as, meeting customers, preparing food, gathering requirements and serving the guests.

Birthday parties, corporate catering, and wedding catering are their forte.

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