Best Catering Services in OMR

What Makes Kasikannu Catering World Rank Among the
Best Catering Services in OMR?

OMR or Old Mahabalipuram road is also called Rajiv Gandhi Salai. Primarily, it is known as an IT hub. However, it is home to many multinational companies (MNC’s) in both manufacturing and services. From a sleepy suburb, OMR has grown to be a vibrant suburb where many residential apartments have also come up along with offices. Thus, the entire geography of the area has changed!

So if one wants to organize a wedding, seemantham or some other family function or an office function, then one always wants to go in for the best wedding caterer in OMR or the best corporate event catering company in OMR. Over the years, Kasikannu Catering World has emerged to be the best catering company in Chennai.

So what makes Kasikannu Catering World rank among the best catering services in OMR?


Unmatched attention to customers and guests

We take pride in delivering unmatched value and flawless attention to customers. For us, every guest is a veritable God and we ensure that all guests are welcomed to the event and have their needs fulfilled with attentiveness. Right from the client inquiries to providing clear and detailed proposals, every touch point with us is built with your needs and flexibility in mind.

During the event, we are admired for our professionalism. Our staff are well-trained and courteous staff, and attention to detail in all aspects of their work.

Quality of food

Unmatched food quality, variety and cuisine

Our food is top in quality and genuine in taste. As a second-generation catering company, we bring unmatched know how to operations. Our masalas are not purchased but made according to secret recipes passed down generations. We also offer a diverse menu with a wide range of options to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Our unique approach lies in delivering delicious, well-prepared, and visually appealing dishes that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and their guests. Our top-notch vegetable carvings and food presentation is only matched by our down to earth approach in ensuring the best guest experience to make any event eventful!

Our word

Our word

We value our word and commitments to the dot. As a reliable catering company we deliver services on time, ensuring that the food is prepared and served according to the agreed-upon schedule.



We are adaptable to different sizes and types of events, as well as to the guest count. Whether it is a small private family function or a blockbuster wedding, we have the skills and resources to pull it off!

Food safety

Food safety

Food safety is our first mantra. We adhere to proper food handling and storage procedures, maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen, and ensure that their staff follows all necessary health and safety protocols.


Kasikannu Catering World

Kasikannu Catering World, the best wedding catering service in Chennai, is reputed for delivering memorable and exceptional wedding experiences. Having completed 250+ events and served society as premium wedding caterers for over two generations, we bring the chops and expertise to take on any challenge. Each of our menu items is handpicked and prepared with love and positivity for your big day and we can take care of all arrangements end-to-end. We are also one of the top 3 catering companies in Chennai and the best caterer in OMR. We cater to all social occasions and corporate functions.

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