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Are you planning for an entirely vegetarian wedding menu?

Kasikannu Catering Services implements the smart way to add the best vegetarian catering service component in your wedding. We plan to serve the best vegetarian dishes that include gluten-free options and will make your guests love the food.

The interesting part is that even though they are not vegetarians we will make those guests to taste the foods, which includes pickled onions, grilled salad with cheese and leaves and many more. Our dishes are prepared by the best vegetarian cooks in Chennai and they know the tactics to serve the guests with loving and mouth-watering foods.

Are you planning for an entirely vegetarian wedding menu?

Imparting the culture of on-trend ideas:

Our best ideas for the vegetarian or the vegan guests will put you in awe! We offer them the ‘entrees’ that will impart few tastes of your hometown culture. Kasikannu Catering services will take care of the entire vegan menu for any celebration and specifically wedding plans.

Our entrees include the welcome drinks for the guests that cover tasty fruit punch, jal jeera, buttermilk and many more exciting menus. We are committed to provide the leading wedding catering services in Chennai and we bring upon the top vegetarian delights with almost all the varieties for your guets.

Your favourite desserts

If any of your guests is a person who avoids dairy with a vegan diet, we will bring the options which are made with gluten-free products. Our catering services will bring you the best vegetarian dishes that are plentiful for all your lovable guests. From the wedding cake to dinner, we prepare the best and tasteful dishes for vegetarian wedding plans.

Kasikannu catering services will make your wedding celebration the most joyous and pompous wedding and we include some of the must-have dishes in our menu.

Let’s have the must-have dishes! They include paneer pasanda, corn pasanda, dal Bukhara, zafrani pulao, dahi bhalle and so on. Our catering services will take care of the end-to-end process of your wedding catering service.

Let’s have some salads! Our salads will cover kosumbari salads, corn, fresh green salad, Russian salad; Aloo chana chaat, tasty tossed salad, kimchi salad and many other varieties that you like to have in your wedding party.

In the celebration of this wedding party, we keep an extra eye on the main dishes that we prepare for our guests. You can choose our service that provides the utmost quality food and help your celebration to become to more powerful and ethnic. All your best happenings in life will be taken precisely by the leading wedding caterers in Chennai as Kasikannu catering services. We will cook the wide range of rice varieties with many flavours, and we include lots of Indian bread varieties like kulcha, poori, naan, roti/butter roti and many more.

One of the most trusted wedding caterers in Chennai will put the exciting main dishes for vegans onto the table as methi malai mutter, paneer makhani, bhindi DO piyasa, panneer jalfrezi, kurkure bhindi, veg jaipuri, achari vegetable, Aloo gobbi, dum Aloo banarasi and many more exciting and excellent dishes are on its way to your wedding party. You can also add the dishes that you like to have in our menu and our team of top vegan caterers will cook for you on your special day.

Why Kasikannu catering services?

We are one of the top wedding catering service providers in Chennai and our menu is completely customized to receive love from the guests. On the best day of your life and for all your special happenings Kasikannu catering services will host the vegan menu in your party.

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